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You’re Uninstalling Apps All Wrong, Here’s How to Remove Apps Properly

You’re Uninstalling Apps All Wrong, Here’s How to Remove Apps Properly

What’s more fun than downloading a new app on your smartphone? Well, deleting one of course! But seriously, messing around with different kinds of apps out there is one of the most cherished privileges of owning a decent smartphone.

Developers seem to never run out of ideas to create new additions to the market. Users are always looking for something new, something interesting to experience with their device. Maybe some are just looking for another Temple-Run-like game, but with really new poppy graphics and tweaks in the application.

It’s not a bad thing to be really interested in downloading various apps. Google Play store has around 3 million different choices for a good reason: users like to download new stuff!

But every good thing has its downside when it’s overly used. Cluttering up your phone with lots of apps can really affect the overall performance of the device. If you’re that type of smartphone user, you must’ve experienced some lags before when your phone’s all cluttered up. The only plausible thing to do in that situation is to free up some space, and get rid of unnecessary apps, right? Well, although that’s completely true, you might be doing the whole process of uninstalling apps not in a good way. Let’s go ahead and see why that might be the case:

What Happens When Your Phone Has Too Many Apps?

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When you’re constantly downloading apps that you don’t usually use or need, make sure your phone is going to be affected. Aside from filling up your storage space, which can slow down your device, uninstalled apps also leave residue behind.

You might be thinking that as long as you’re uninstalling apps, you’ll be good to go. However, that’s not entirely correct. When you have lots of apps on your phone, the cache memory and data accumulate, which results in slowing down the performance of your device.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be downloading apps anymore. You just need to apply proper downloading habits, and uninstall what’s not important in a good way. Before we hop into what habits you should change, let’s look at the unnecessary apps you already have and find out how to remove apps properly:

How Can I Remove Apps properly from my Android Device Properly

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First of all, you’d need to close all running apps at once. This differs from one model to another. So, simply, toggle all running apps and close them. Make sure none is currently running in the background.

  • Once you’re done, you may go to Settings:

In this step, we’ll be doing something different than just long-pressing an app to delete it. We’ll be doing something better that should erase everything related to unnecessary apps on your phone.

  • Go to Apps, and locate the one you’d like to uninstall:
  • Click on ‘Force Stop’
  • You’ll find ‘Storage’ on your app screen. You may go ahead and click on that as well.
  • Scroll down to find ‘Clear data’ and ‘Clear Cache.’ Click on both to proceed.

The last two options usually reset the app to the settings with which it was initially installed. We’re doing this step at the moment to eliminate as much residue as possible when we’re done installing.

  • Once the cache is cleared, go back to the App screen and locate ‘Uninstall.’
  • Click on that and you’re good to go!

There’s still another step to completely erase the uninstalled app from your phone. As we explained before, apps usually leave residue behind. Let’s proceed and see how we can erase that as well:

  • Clear any app residue and left-overs:

For this step, we’d have to go through the actual folders of your phone. This can be done easily through a file manager. If you don’t have an app on your phone that allows you to view the folders of your storage, simply go to Google Play and search ‘file explorer’ or ‘file manager.’ Pick an app of your choice depending on the reviews and install it.

Once installed, launch the app and proceed:

You’ll find lots of folders that hold all of your device’s storage. Look for any folders with names associated with any apps you’ve installed. These names could vary from an app’s name to the developer or the company’s brand.

Once you’ve found a folder with a name similar to the app you’ve just installed, click on that and delete it. You’ll probably come across other folders for apps you’ve installed way before. You may go ahead and delete those as well. This will free up so much space on your phone, and will definitely clear the accumulation that happens with multiple downloads over time.

Download Habits You Should Always Keep

By now, you’re aware how apps leave residue behind, and that can slow down your phone drastically. Now you’re able to remove apps properly from your Android device, but keeping a bad downloading habit will not fix the problem.

You always need to download necessary apps only. Maybe your corporate life demands multiple apps to organize your schedule. Limit your downloads to those if that’s the case. If you’re an avid gamer, pick the games you most like and stick to them. Try to watch and read reviews on the game before you install it… maybe you wouldn’t like it in the first place!

So, simply, keep a healthy downloading habit. Don’t be compulsive and just drown your phone with new apps day by day. Keeping your phone running smoothly should be a priority above all.

We hope that these simple tips have taught you how to properly uninstall an app from you Android phone. Make sure to be wise with new downloads, and you’ll keep your phone healthy and efficient.

If you’ve run into any problems, feel free to let us know in the comments section below. We’re more than happy to help!